Is Paying for a Facebook Pay-Per-Click Campaign Worth your Money??

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is paid for advertisements that appear on social media or ins search engine results that, when clicked on, charge a fee to those who have advertised them. PPC advertising is becoming highly popular in the digital marketing industry, as businesses continue to pay to advertise on Facebook who had 2.2 billion monthly active users in the last quarter of 2017. This gives those using PPC advertising a huge potential to gain viewings by large audiences of facebook users globally which creates more exposure opportunities for their businesses.

Although the PPC advertising may improve a brand’s exposure, it also has its disadvantages, including how time consuming they are to create, the expense of what they cost and that they might be overlooked as irritating or irrelevant by Facebook users. These disadvantages were clear to Raaj Kapur Brar after he invested in PPC ads on Facebook.

Raaj Kapur Brar, runs a small but successful publishing company called Fetopolis, that publishes popular online fashion magazines such as Fashion & Style Magazine. After running some tests and assessing the potential returns, he spent over $600,000 on Facebook PPC ads in just 4 days and made almost $0 in returns.


While Raaj’s story certainly acts as a warning to those thinking of investing in Facebook PPC, there is certainly a potential for a large return to be made from those ads. In 2017, Visa ran a hugely successful campaign on Facebook which aimed to have consumers see the brand as more innovative. The campaign ran between June 22-July 6 and Visa saw a 7-point lift in ad recall, 4.7 times video views, 7 times lower cost per video and 83% on average of videos watched. The ad campaign also allowed Visa to gain insights on their audience as people engaged, such as consumer viewing habits and cost inefficiencies of their campaign.


So, to answer the big question “PPC advertising: is it worth the cost?”, I’d say that with the right campaign and careful use and monitoring, that PPC advertising can definitely be worth the investment for businesses/brands.


I’m interested to know what you’re thinking, so leave a comment with your thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚







9 thoughts on “Is Paying for a Facebook Pay-Per-Click Campaign Worth your Money??

  1. Hey Georgia,

    This is very insightful piece, explaining many of the fundamentals of PPC advertising – so thanks for that!

    How do you think PPC advertising will change as digital marketing continues to grow and evolve?




    1. Thanks for your interest in my post Brodie! I think PPC advertising will remain a fundamental form of online advertising in the future, as in today’s society we rely so heavily on the internet. I think it will continue to grow across all the social media platforms for sure as more companies/brands adopt the method of advertising. I’m not sure how exactly it will evolve, but I think it is interesting to think of all the possibilities for it in the future.


    1. Hi Peter, I appreciate the time you took to read my post this week and I hope you found it thought-provoking. If I were to use another form of advertising in alternative to not using PPC advertising I would probably use Search Engine Optimisation which is a structured approach used to increase the position of a company or its products in search engine natural or organic results listings for selected keywords or phrases.


      1. It was a great read and the GIFs were a nice touch! and I think SEO is a fantastic concept in theory but also falls into the same pitfalls as the PPC advertising you were referencing in your post, ie. That it’s prohibitively expensive to optimise for any major search results.(source:

        I guess in the end a lot of it comes down to finding a good blend of the two and ensuring your product is one people will buy in the first place.


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